Free Pain Relief Course

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This page contains links to our free pain relief course. Click on each of the links below, in order.  Read the material on each page, do the exercises, and put the lessons into practice in your life. Take your time - you can bookmark this page and return to it as often as you like. We welcome your feeback and questions. Please send your comments and questions to  We are happy to hear anything you have to say. All material in these lessons is copyrighted.  You may copy it freely for your own personal use, but it may not be used for commercial puposes without permission. 1. The Nature of Pain and Suffering / Evaluation of Headaches 2. Psychological Approaches to Pain Management 3. Relaxation Training / Pain as a Common Problem 4. Biofeedback 5. Meditation / The Role of Trust 6. Using Meditation for Pain Relief / Variations 7. Transportable Pain Relief / Aromafocus 8. Self-Hypnosis for Pain Relief 9. Imagery for Pain Relief 10. Getting Physical with Pain - Part One 11. Getting Physical with Pain - Part Two 12. Pain Relief and the Issue of Control / Role of Emotions Part One 13. Stress and Pain / Role of Emotions Part Two 14. Warrior's Guide to Overcoming Pain / The ReSET Part One 15. Phantom Limb Pain / Persistent Pain 16. Awareness of Pain / Pain as Communication  
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